Competitors for the Magic Mirror Idea

Hi Guys,

So Ive been doing some re search for the Magic Mirror idea and there are some competitors out there but they are not direct competitors:

2 Pot Film House:

Magic Mirror:

Party Mirror:

Selfie Mirror:

MGR Events:

Basically what these guys do is rent out this ‘Magic Mirror’ like a photo booth idea as it will take you pictures and you can draw on it etc, these are entails only and cost a minimum of 350.00 to rent for a wedding or  company arty etc.

As I said they are not direct competition as we are looking to launch a ‘Magic Mirror’ on the market that a consumer can purchase rather than rent and not near the size of these mirrors so I’m sure the costing for the product would not be near as expensive but I know you said you had looked at that Adam 🙂

Take a look at the links though and tell me what ye think, I know we are meeting tomorrow at 5 after classes.




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