The project Proposal

Hi guys, just wanted to send on what I have so far, Ill see ye in the morning, let me know if ye have any problem with it

Mirror Mirror

‘The Modern Mirror’


Trish Whyte

Adam Gilroy

Sanne Kamlag


Project Aim:

  • Develop a ‘Smart Mirror’ with Wi-Fi capabilities and an interactive interface
  • Build this product with the home user in mind


The Modern Mirror is designed to appeal to the world of social media and selfie kings and queens within it with the added feature that it compliments you and displays daily motivational and inspirational quotes whenever you step into its view.

The Telegraph posted on May 24th 2016 that there are 1 million Selfies taken each day. With Social Media site such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat selfies have exploded in the last two years but there is one little problem….the phone that gets in the way. Quite like the ‘Selfie Stick’ we want to make the process of taking a picture more convenient.

Let’s look at the market:

‘The Selfie Stick’:

Evidence suggests it was one of 2014’s most popular Christmas presents, Amazon UK says sales of selfie sticks rose a staggering 301 per cent in the three months between September and November, and then another 65 per cent month-on-month in December, which it attributed to “people preparing to capture all the action of festive parties and family get-togethers”.

It started in the September, the month selfie sticks “really took off”, suggested by Ebay, UK. Since then, searches have risen, with 28,000 searches per week during December 2014.

The Selfie Stick made an average of $3m to $9m according to Andy Brennan who assumes the sales of selfie sticks for 2014 were around 300,000 units.


Instagram has quickly gone from a trendy iOS-only app to a massive social network with Android and web presence. Instagram is showing no signs of slowing down, Instagram currently has over 500m users and over 1m selfies uploaded to the site every day. More and more people are using Instagram to now to make a living for example, models are using it to gain publicity and make a living. Look at Cork’s own Lisa Jordan, Lisa has over 56,000 followers on Instagram where she takes pictures of herself, products and places, she has become so popular through the site that she is now paid by these companies to promote their products/ services.

In December 2014, Citigroup analysts were saying that Instagram was worth $35 billion.



Snapchat just reserved the rights to store and use all selfies taken with the device, an indication to just how popular selfies are in our world today.

The app is currently valued at a reported $16 billion and has over 1m daily users.



We aim to design a mirror that will take these selfies for you through the built in camera and timer so the person can pose in the preferred pose and angle the want and not have to worry about and objects in their way and upload these pictures directly to your social media accounts through Wi-Fi.

There will also be a time and date feature that will be on a constant display on the mirror and daily quotes to ensure the user starts their day in a positive, happy note, eg: ‘Cause your amazing, just the way you are’.

The competition:

This not the only ‘Magic Mirror’ on the market, however it is the only one of its kind as this mirror can be purchased by the consumer.

Magic Mirror photo booths are the news craze that can be rented for private functions, weddings and corporate parties. They are large life size mirrors that take picture and have varieties of filters built in, quite like what you will see on ‘Snapchat’. Party Mirror and Magic Mirror are two examples of these companies on the market right now. Both companies offer to rent these mirrors for the night of the function at a rate of €345 plus, during your photo session, the mirror gives you compliments and leads you through the fun. There is an option for a clapping and screaming contest and the option to sign the mirror before your photo is printed for you to share with your friends and family.


  •  Mirror
  • Camera
  • Internet/WiFi
  • Clock
  • Bluetooth function
  • Face recognizer
  • Photo booth
  • Voice detector
  • Printer


I mainly focused on the social media side to prove the demand for the selfies and the money that can be made through these site to prove the market that exist for such a mirror. Let me know if there is any thing you wish for me to add :)- Trish


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