All my Ideas- Some might be un-useful

-App to compare all web sites, save time on comparing discounted last min websites

-App linked to a device that can be put on tables and customers can order their own food and drink and be billed form this at end

-Bringing Open Table to Ireland with the added feature of se;eating tables from restaurants willing to provide this service

-GPS chip installed in life jackets and linked app for people going out fishing/ boating/ sailing/ water sports- Done:

-School bags with GPS tracker linked to app- Done, but not in ireland:

-Personal shopper app- gives style tips depending on your body type, hair colour, eye colour etc suggests clothes that will suit you body and what store to get them at, has the links on the app to direct you straight to those stores, example New Look.- Mona:

-An App that you can take a photo of a beer bottle label and what pops up are the beer’s average price and reviews. Gives the customer the opportunity to rate the beer personally

-Irish Tourism App that is synced to your location, every time you cross the border to a new county a list of fun things to do and see and places to eat and drink etc will pop up for you and links to websites for booking

-An app that I’d like would be something that tells me what deals or discounts are in a shop that I’m passing.

So like, if I’m walking past Centra on Manor Street I’ll get an alert through my app saying:

– Heineken is reduced to 8 cans for 10 euro

– Chicken fillets are 2 for the price of 1 etc

So just everything that’s discounted that day.

Then when I walk past Tesco I get all their discounts that day.

The apps below do something similar but doesn’t look like there’s one in Ireland.

With all the new new housing plans in the new budget, you could create an App that will connect people as these housing estates are being built and sold, people can meet their neighbours, get to know the area, see what amenities are in the areas… -Trish


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