Research & Development Presentation

Hi Guys, Happy Thursday!!!

Just wanted to pass on what I have so far for the new presentation, I will email you both the power point and Sanne, will u please work your multi-media magic and  add all the nice images and make it pretty as Phil has asked? Please feel free to add whatever ye would like to the slides as well 🙂

In regards to the competitors Strengths and weaknesses, I an going to have that in a document as Phil suggested as i feel it will be too many slides in 6minutes.

Lets just keep it simple as suggested and rock this presentation!

Chat soon,



The pin board for the 21st Century’

Adam Gilroy

Trish Whyte

Sanne Kamlag

  • MiBoard is a digital pin board, organizer and calendar with the ability to scan and store documents all in one device. It is a perfect fit for any home and works to reduce the time and paper it takes for a busy house hold to stay organised.
  • ***when you cant find a pen to write a remnder***

Our Aim:

  • Create a smart organization screen to replace the pin board and calendar in the home
  • We aim to prevent the loss of physical documentation such as written reminders and receipts and coupons but storing these on a cloud.
  • Have an interactive display on this screen to help organize the lives of different people

We will achieve this by having users profiles so as to manage their ‘to do’ lists etc.

  • Use a camera to scan and save important documents and information that would otherwise have had to be pinned to a board
  • Have our smart board able to connect to phones via Bluetooth and also have Wi-Fi connectivity so you can access your board from anywhere from a phone or tablet if desired

Background/ Context:


  • Pintrest

Website of virtual pin-boards for saving and generating ideas for parenting/ parties/ cooking etc

  • Ipad

Is an interactive smart tablet, iPad offer similar to the features on MiBoard, notes, calender, reminders

  • Tozzl

Digital easy-to-use pinboard that enables people to collaborate with others, aimed at business for networking and sharing data.

  • Notepad

Site lets you organize your thoughts visually and quickly add notes with one click- Simular to an online diary

  • Padlock

A virtual sticking a post-it note on a virtual corkboard or bulletin board, you can post text, images, and/or videos on them. App has many uses, particularly popular in schools and businesses.


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