Business plan Section 3 and 4

Hi Guys!

The new business plan is a little different than the original one that Lisa send, so in stead of the Intellectual and people section (what I already did, stupid me) I will do the Section 2B about the interface and design if you don’t mind 🙂

Section 2B   Interface

  1. Design Brief

Here you must clearly specify what your design brief was. (Clear description of design requirements for interface including any particular delivery requirements i.e  iphone or smartphone or both etc).

  1. Background research

References re design inspiration and or concepts relating to visual structure.

  1. Design prototypes.

Scribbles of potential designs and colour schemes.

  1. Design Solution

Proposed solution with short explanation.

  1. Usability issues

Data both positive and negative relating to its use. This should also include some conclusion re the design phase but also what proposed changes could be implemented in future developments



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