Interface businessplan

Section 2B   Interface

  1. Design Brief

  1. Background research

  1. Design prototypes.

First flat design prototype about what is needed to make this product easy to use and appealing


  1. Design Solution

Proposed solution with short explanation.

  1. Usability issues

If you look at the other websites, there are using all the same type of user interface. They have only a menu bar where you can add new posts and paste a sticky note on your page. If you are done you can scrap it but if deleted you can’t find it back anywhere. It is not touchable, only by using a mouse. You need to login to the program every time you want to use it and you don’t have any other options to add time, documents etc. only 1 website offers a video option where you can place movies.

For the visuals I looked at different websites that offer the same methods as a pinboard. When looking at it you can see that they all have an easy design so people can use it and it’s accessible for lots of different people. There are only website available and no touchable features like we want to do with MiBoard. The visuals are all inspired to be like a pinboard and are not visually attractive or modern. Most of these sites are only for business related things and not introduced to the house holding, this doesn’t excist at the moment.



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