Marketing First Draft

Section 3, Marketing


Primary Research:


Survey Created on Survey Monkey to aim to collect data on whether or not there is a demand for this on the market. Out of 25 people surveyed, the results stand below:

  • 43% Males & 28.57% Females Surveyed
  • 58%between 21-29
  • 43% were married
  • 43% had children
  • 60% said they used an organisational tool in the home
  • 85% said they used a pin board or cork board as this organisational tool
  • 85% had a calendar hanging on their wall
  • 57% had a black or white board as a reminder, notes or shopping list
  • 85% said they would use a digital pin board in the home

From these results we are confident that there is a gap in the market for MiBoard and it would sell among home owners/ renters.


Face to Face interview with Chris Crowley, Operations Manager, Imperial Hotel, Cork.

11th November 2016

09.15 am


What organisational tools do you use daily in your office?

  • White board to display all Pembroke Restaurant reservations, this board is updated daily/weekly.
  • Yearly planner to keep track of all private dining functions, finger food functions, private dinners and private buffets.
  • White board for Weddings, all wedding confirmed are written on this board, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

How many times a week would you say you lose a written reminder, loose a note that was left for you either at your desk or in one of the other departments?

  • Daily, about 10 times daily, it happens constantly.

Daily duties in your role:

  • As the Operations Manager I am in charge of all food a beverage in the hotel. This includes: The Pembroke Restaurant, 76 On The Mall, Lafayettes Café, Souths private bar and all private functions including food or beverage. I work with my people in various departments therefore I miss messages and reminders constantly.

Would you use a digital organiser in you line of work?

  • To combine all events/ restaurant reservations/weddings/ meetings/ room service in to one place that could be accessed by the touch of a hand would make a huge impact on my day, just this morning I ran my 11am meeting and one of my supervisors had written on a piece of paper all reservations in the restaurant on a piece of paper as she could not find a marker for the board, the amount of time we cant find a marker or a piece of paper!!!

What if you could include your staff rotas, changes to events, shift changeover notes, it would have built in WIFI and a camera to scan any documents to it?

  • That would be a dream come true!

Would you pay €150-€200 for this device?

  • I feel a €150 would be enough.






  • From this interview we feel that a digital board would work well with an organisation especially the hospitality industry, an industry that is so fast paced and receives a high volume enquiries and a staff of various departments
  • The constant changes and updates can be stored on this board for all to see in one place
  • Its features it would assist in the day to day duties
  • Lower the amount of loss on reminders and notes alone would be a huge asset to any business
  • Built in Wifi would mean that managers and staff could communicate via email on the calendar feature on the board
  • Notes and comments for shift change would save time on daily pre shift meetings as staff can see this on the board
  • We must look at the price, originally we were aiming to sell this product for €200 but from this interview and the survey it seems that €150 is the maximum people are willing to pay, therefore we must look at our costings





Email Interview with Bernice O Leary, Vice Principal of a Secondary School and busy mother of 2 teenagers:

15th November 2016



What is your daily routine?


What organisational tools do you use daily in your home?


Do you keep a weekly shopping list hanging in your kitchen? If so, what? A note pad, writing board, other?


How many times a week would you say you lose a written reminder, miss a note left for you because it becomes misplaced or can’t find a pen as you are rushing an have to send a text instead?


Would you use a digital organiser in the home, one that had features such as:

-Notes App


-Shopping list





Do you feel this product would make day by day chores easier?


Do you feel this product would assist in daily duties in work?


Being a teacher, have you ever heard of or used NoteApp?


***Awaiting Reply



Key insights from this interview in bullet points

What did you learn




Market trends or issues/ secondary research:


We looked at the current trends on the market and found that whiteboards, blackboards, planners and calendars are among the most popular in the home and business in relation to organisational tools. Many tend to have a few of these on their wall, if you look at the two from the Imperial Hotel Events Office in Cork, you will see both a planner and white board. What we are offering will be all this and more in one digital board nailed to the wall. It will create more apace in the office. The calendars are from various homes that we visited, most of these calendars have a notes section to write extra notes, shopping lists, reminders etc. All of which is offered by MiBoard at the touch of a hand. In stores we found that again white boards, cork boards, chalk boards are all offered individually but nothing that has all in one. MiBoard can combine all these products into one easy to use board.


Pictures from households/ business, what organisation products are they using:






In the Stores:













Total addressable market size and served addressable market size:

Next Week


Customers/ Target Market:


Our product is an organizational tool that is made for the home and businesses, our target market is home owners, those who are renting, families with children and active households with busy schedules. Business and offices with various activities and duties daily, example, the hospitality industry, the health industry and schools. This product can be used as a means of communication among staff to save on time.

A simple product that is easy to use by all ages. It is not gender specific.



Segment A and B (A is the home owner, B is the business/ organization) the more detail the better

Sex- Not gender specific

Age- Not age specific but old enough to use touch screen

Occupation- Working class/ has an income to afford the board- 21,000and over

Estimated size of segment- how many people employed/ renting, own houses/ students in rented accommodation

Estimated Maximum Sales potential- €150.00 x above numbers

Segment Value-


Segment A Home Owners/ Renters
Age Not age specific
Sex Both
Occupation Working- Not occupation specific

Made for the home as an organisational tool. To assist with daily chores.

Classification Segment ?
Estimated Maximum Sales Potential €37,500






Segment B Business/ Organisations
Age Not age specific
Sex Both
Occupation Hospitality Organisations, Schools, Colleges, Busy Offices, Retail stores.
Classification Segment ?
Estimated Maximum Sales Potential €75,000





Though, we are not without competition but we are the only 3D physical pin board on the market. All of our competition is online, Apps, Website and feature on Smart tablets:


The iPad:


About 300 million iPads have been sold since 2010. Following the release of the iPad Air model in November 2013, iPad sales peaked at over 26 million units over the last months of 2013, over triple the amount of sales than at the end of 2012. ( )

Currently, a consumer has five options to pick from – the iPad 2, iPad with Retina display (fourth generation), iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina display and iPad Air.  The iPad Pro, released November 2015, has a larger screen, 12.9-inch screen, fast CPU and better camera.


Below are the Apps offered by iPad similar to the features on MiBoard.






  • Calendar





  • Reminders







These are all separate applications that are accessed separately when using them on the ipad, as you will see in the below image of an iPad home screen:



Unlike the iPad, MiBoard is designed for the home or office to be mounted onto the wall rather than portable. We are not designing a smart tablet but an interactive organisational tool to assist the consumers *







Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas. Their mission is to help people discover the things they love, and inspire them to go do those things in their daily lives. Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra co-founded Pinterest back in March 2010. Since then, millions of people around the world have easier access torecipes, parenting hacks, style inspiration and other ideas to try. Users can then store these ideas on virtual pin boards and save. With over 176million registered users, Pintrest is thriving.








Tozzl is financed by donations made by users of the site, therefore exact number of users is not published. (

Launched in October 2013 tozzl is a digital easy-to-use pinboard that enables people to collaborate with others. Working together on shared goals made easier.

Integrate different services and bring them together in one place. Embed YouTube videos or create a simple Twitter wall with just a single click. You can share your files, upload files and pictures. Create texts, lists, or bookmarks, and share them with a single click. is free and requires no registration.






2.2 Million Registered users (

The first online application that let you easily place virtual post-it notes on a virtual corkboard or bulletin board, and allow you to post text, images, and/or videos on them, this app has many uses and is aimed particularly at schools and businesses. It lets you, with very minimal registration, create a “wall” where you can place virtual sticky-notes. You can allow others to also place notes on the board, or keep it so that only you can do so. The sticky-notes can include images you grab off the web, videos, or websites, and you can add text to them (you can also just include text without adding anything else). Each sticky has a 160-character limit for text.

As of January 2015, Padlet has premium versions that require subscriptions to use. These are Padlet tailored to organizations like schools and companies.

Padlet Backpack is a paid version of Padlet for schools. It costs $5 per teacher monthly, or at a discounted rate of $45 per teacher annually. Teachers can create unlimited student accounts for free.

Padlet Briefcase is a paid version of Padlet for companies. It costs $5 per user monthly, or at a discounted rate of $45 per user annually.









800,000 Boards and over 3 million notes (


The site lets you organize your thoughts visually and quickly add notes with one click. Easily find them again in seconds. It has other features which include real-time collaboration and a chat room for the people collaborating. You can post images, but not videos. This is another site aimed at schools and businesses.


While there are competitors in various websites and apps, our product differs as it mixes all of the convenient aspects of these and furthers it in one big hub for the home. It’s the ultimate organization tool and will especially be good for business/ offices, students and families where there is a lot of organization.


Competitive Advantage:

Unique as we are the only of our kind on the market, there is no other digital pin board. Our unique features and easy to use interface will set the product on a higher advantage to it’s competitors. Though we are more expensive than the traditional pin board we feel our product is worth paying for and people will see that.


Competitors and MiBoard:


iPad Smart Tablet €400-€800 Buy online/ In Stores All Ages/ Genders
Pintrest Online pin Board for generating and sharing ideas Free Website/App All Ages/ Genders
Tozzl Online Pin-board that allows people to collaborate with others Financed by Donations Website Business/ Creative Artists, e.g. writers
Padlet Virtual post-it notes posted on a virtual corkboard or bulletin board 3 Options:

Padlet Free: Free

Padlet Backpack:$45

Padlet Briefcase: $45

Website Schools
NoteApp Organizational to organise thoughts visually and quickly 3 options:

Personal: Free

Team: $6 per month

Business: $18 per month

Website Business
MiBoard Interactive Organisational Board €50-€150 Buy online/ In stores Home owners/renters & Business/ Organistaions
  Product Price Place Target Market



Place/Channels or distribution/ Roots to market:

We will sell this product directly to the consumer. We will start by selling online in order to keep cost low with the hope of building a strong reputation and getting our product into stores like Harvey Norman, Argos and Dwyers etc.


Hi guys, just the first draft of the marketing section, i have sent this to Lisa to look over for us she she discuss with us in class today 🙂



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