Interview with mother of 3 kids aging between 7 and 14 who also owns a restaurant

What do you use to organize your day to day life outside the business at home?

A magnetic white board

Do you use it to stick documents to?

Yeah we post up notes and stuff, we use it to organize the kids mainly

Would you use a digitalized board to organize in the home?

Yeah, I think that would be really handy. I think it’s definitely something we could use here in the restaurant!

Would you pay somewhere between €150 and €300 for it?

Maybe €150 to €200 if it was exactly as you showed me for the business, probably €150 max for home

So you’d think this is something you’d use in the restaurant over using it at home?

Personally I’d use it more at work but I can also see myself using it to organize the kids and stuff at home


  • Seemed more interested in using it in the business as opposed to using it at home, was open to using it at home for a lower price point
  • Board would be used as a hub for management and staff to keep organized, it could replace every one of the boards I have in the images below
  • With it being able to be accessed from smartphones, it would be useful for staff to check their roster for the week to save members having to ring during the week to check their weekend hours
  •  Overall, serious interest was shown over the product so I think the hospitality business is definitely one to strongly market this towards with maybe a smaller cheaper version for home use.


It was a short enough interview because I only had the chance to talk to her for about 10 minutes. I also took a few photos of what we’re currently using at work to organize things!

Main board in office where management organise themselves and set out to-do lists etc.

Calendar in office:

Board that staff use to track dishes that are running out. Also used to track our waiting list on busy days.

Staff roster. Also contains notes on important information from day to day at the bottom

Board for staff where we write information about that days dishes. Usually contains whether the soup is okay for vegetarians, lactose intolerant customers, vegan customers etc. Kids Pasta of the day, Pie of the day, curry of the day, and extra dishes to sell verbally


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