Section 2A: Product

Section 2A    Product:

Product or Service:
Our product, the MiBoard wants to help eliminate loss of important documents in the home. We want our customers to be organized without having to worry about losing an important letter or receipt by allowing them to scan their documents and saving them to the board. We want to eliminate all the hassle that comes with your regular old pin-board while keeping the same organization essentials. The scanner is just one of many helpful aspects to the MiBoard, users can also type, write, or draw notes onto the board as well as set reminders and organize their personal calendar. The board is set up to support the whole family with their day to day planning.

Value Proposition:
The MiBoard will provide value to our customers as, unlike products such as the traditional pin board and the whiteboard, MiBoard won’t have to be replaced. With your regular pin board, the cork tends to wear away which can cause pins to fall out resulting in lost documentation. You also won’t need to purchase any pins in order to put information onto the board or purchase any markers to write on the board. Customers also get a 2 year guarantee with every board this give us an advantage over Apple who only offer 1 year.

Unique Selling Point:
While we don’t have any direct competitors for our product, our closes competitor, the Apple iPad is much more expensive than the MiBoard. On top of the significant pruce difference, the iPad also has a much smaller screen than the MiBoard.

Future plans:
In the future we want to expand our product for use in businesses. We plan to offer a more advanced board suitable to be implemented in busy offices. This board will contain all the same organization tools offered in our current product but will have added features to allow people to collaborate on work between different boards across the office.


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