Executive Summary

At MiBoard, we aim to produce a product that will modernize the way people organize themselves at work. Especially for the busy offices in the hospitality industry more specifically, the hotel sector.

Our product mainly aims to reduce the loss of important reminders and documents. We also limit the amount of paper used in the office, and assist in the day-to-day running of the various departments of a hotel.

We originally began our project with the aim to create an interactive mirror but further research led us to see that this was already on the market and available to consumers but what we did see was that there is a gap for a digital interactive organizing board (to replace the white-board, black-board and cork-board) available so we decided to pursue this. Our aim is to market our product to the hospitality industry, mainly hotels in Ireland for the first year. We want to focus on a more commercial route. We have looked at the data and all agree that this product will work well in this market segments.

Company Structure

Design: (Sanne)

Development: (Adam)

Marketing and finance: (Trish)

Milestone: We intend to sell a minimum of 399 MiBoards within the first 12 months of business in order to make €79,800. To reach this maximum sales potential, we will visit a minimum of 50% of the 798 hotels in Ireland and pitch our product to the managers and supervisors.


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