Individual Responsibilities

Hi Guys,

Please see attached and feel free to write what ye like and we can add to the back of the document tomorrow 🙂
Trish xo

Individual Responsibilities:

Trish Whyte:

My responsibilities for this project was to focus on the Marketing and Finance sections 3 and 4 of the business plan and presentations.

I was in charge of marketing primary and secondary research, market segments and all financial figures, fixed costs, variable costs, expenditure, funding and to research weather or not we could break even or make a profit in year 1 of our sales.

I visited retail stores, homes, offices, conducted a survey on Survey monkey, did face to face interview with an Operations manager of a hotel and searched the web for all research aspects of the marketing section. For the finance section I conferred with accounting students in my class to assure that all figure were in the correct columns and researched loans and travel costs to determine the costs involved in visiting hotels around Ireland in order to demonstrate this product to managers with hopes of making a sale.

I also worked with Sanne and Adam whenever they needed me on their areas of the project as we very much worked as a team throughout this entire module.


My responsibilities for this project was to do the design part for the MiBoard. For the business plan I made section 2B and created the PowerPoints for the presentations.

I was in charge of the sketches and creating a prototype out of it. I tested these prototypes and created a design based on the feedback of Phil and the test persons.

For the sketches I made more than 60 of them and it took quit a long time to test everything. During the prototype presentation I had to go in another direction and create more sketches and tested again what leaded to the end product. I also did a lot of desk research and tried to be the design as original and unique as possible but still easy to handle.

I also helped my project group when needed and we worked as a team throughout this entire module.

Adam Gilroy:

As developer of this project, it was my job to figure how to build the MiBoard whilst keeping the cost as low as possible. To do this, I had to carry out research on hardware to use to build the board. This included the Raspberry Pi to program the user interface on and the touch screen to allow users to interact with the interface.

I also created our working prototype on with the help of Sanne who designed all of the icons and menus. Our whole team worked closely together on every aspect of this project as often as we can, often allowing us to cross over to subjects which we wouldn’t normally be familiar. For me, I got an insight on the business and design aspects to the project.


Ha, ha, you literally read mine and Sanne’s mind we just added our together!!

See you soon 🙂
On 7 Dec 2016, at 11:58, Adam Gilroy <> wrote:
Hey Trish!

I added my part to the doc, let me know if I’m missing anything!


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